Where Children are Free to Experience the Joys of Play

At Joyland, we’re dedicated to offering top-quality child care, in an atmosphere of God’s presence. Here, children are free to play and experience the Joy of being a child.

Vision & Mission

Provide high-quality childcare

Cultivate an environment inspired by God’s presence

Revive children’s joy through the freedom of play

Foster a love for learning in a stress-free, playful setting

Play, Learn, Love, Grow

It’s our slogan. But, it’s much more than that. It’s our commitment to nurturing a joyful and enriching environment for your child’s development.

Time to Play

Cultivating uninterrupted play to promote exploration & discovery.

Patience to Love

Building strong, caring connections among children and caregivers.

Freedom to Learn

Nurturing young minds through interactive, hands-on education.

Atmosphere to Grow

Fostering physical, emotional, & intellectual development.

The World is Our Playground


Step into the natural world, where hands-on experiments and discovery ignite curiosity in every child.


Delve into the realm of problem-solving, from addition to subtraction, where we make math fun and engaging.


Unleash creativity and critical thinking as children develop motor skills and explore shapes, patterns, and structures.


This is where imaginations take flight, as children build, stack, and engineer, fostering spatial awareness and teamwork.

Dramatic Play

Unleash imagination with role-play, sparking creativity, empathy, and communication skills.

Arts & Crafts

From painting to sculpting, children create, exploring textures, colors, and shapes.


Discover joy in rhythm and melodies, igniting a love for music and enhancing auditory skills.


Here, children uncover the power of words, from scribbles to stories, nurturing literacy and storytelling skills.

Sensory Play

Explore textures, scents, and materials, fostering sensory development and curiosity.

The Adventure Academy

Welcome to the Joyland Adventure Academy, a place where your child can explore, play in the dirt, and embrace the wonders of the great outdoors. It’s a unique space that sparks curiosity, fosters resilience, and inspires a love for nature.

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Our Students Love Joyland

I like the science center because I can play with the snake.


Joyland Student

My dad takes me to Joyland. I like to play with the tractor. I drive it to the farm. When I get big, I’m going to drive a tractor.


Joyland Student

Meet The Staff

We are passionate educators nurturing young hearts, fostering growth and shaping bright futures.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Joyland's primary goal for children?

Our mission is to provide high-quality child care in an atmosphere of God's presence, where children can experience the joy of being a child while learning and growing.

How does Joyland create a joyful learning environment?

We believe in giving children the freedom to learn with hands-on materials, pursue their interests, and engage in meaningful play, fostering creativity and self-control.

What's Joyland's approach to discipline and behavior?

We have a non-punitive discipline policy that focuses on positive reinforcement, redirection, and modeling desired behavior. In some cases, time-out may be used, and parents will be involved if necessary.

How does Joyland maintain child health and wellness?

We are a Gold Sneaker certified center, and we promote physical activity, healthy eating, and screen time awareness. We have a comprehensive policy to address illnesses and injuries.

How does Joyland ensure child safety and security?

We have strict security measures in place, including designated persons for pick-up and a check-in/check-out system. We prioritize the safety and well-being of all children in our care.

How does Joyland keep parents informed and engaged?

We provide daily notes, monthly newsletters, email updates, and parent-teacher conferences. We encourage open communication with parents.

What are Joyland's enrollment requirements?

Parents/guardians need to complete all required forms, provide immunization records, and give a two-week notice before a child's last day. Medication forms must be filled out, and the first week's tuition is due upfront.

How does tuition payment work at Joyland?

We offer secure payment options through Tuition Express. Tuition rates vary by age group, and payment is due one week in advance. We also offer a sibling discount.

How does Joyland handle weather & vacations?

In case of extreme weather, we make efforts to stay open but inform parents through email, phone calls, and social media. We have specific days for vacations, and parents are responsible for finding alternate care during those times.

Can I bring personal items for my child?

We have guidelines for personal belongings, including restrictions on gum, candy, toys, and food. Parents are responsible for providing items like diapers, pull-ups, and a change of clothes.

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